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What language do you speak at your school?!- Brazil

We speak English and Portuguese. - Brazil
We speak Portuguese. - Ceara, Brazil
We speak English - U.S.
We speak Japanese. - Japan

What do you eat for snacktime at your school? - Brazil

Juice, milk or yogurt to drink, a different fruit every day, and bread and cheese, cake or cookies. Every Wednesday is fruit day and we all take a fruit to share with everyone else. Everyone has a favorite. Mango is one of my best friend's favorite fruit!- Brazil

Our snack foods: apples, kettle corn (sweet popcorn), string cheese, fruit roll-ups, pb+j (peanut butter and jelly sandwich), goldfish crackers, cookies, japanese soft salad crackers, wheat thins crackers, carrots, biscuits, yogurt. - US

あなたは学校でペットを飼っていますか? - - 米国

We have a turtle and two birds in one classroom,and a fish in another! -U.S.

There are no pets in the classroom of Uranie and Anako. - France

Yes we have pets at school. I like animals a lot so I bring lots of animals in my class all the time. Right now we have 2 quails and a pigeon in the garden (I found the pigeon in the street-it had a broken wing). We have fish and a canary in the class that sings all the time. We also have silkworm eggs that will hatch soon. Last thursday a friend brought a chameleon in the class too. It was cool to see the children putting it on their hands without any fear. I have also asked all the parents of the class to pop in sometime at the end of the day with their pets.- Cyprus 

Actually, we don't have pets in our schools. Some people have dogs or cats at home, but the schools will not allow pets in class-rooms.- Mali

We had a fish in our class once, but it died. We also had caterpillars that turned into butterflies, but that was last year. This year we don´t have a pet in our  class, but we do have a stuffed elephant called Elmer that we made together and spent a few days in each kid´s home. - Brazil

Have you given a name to your Coyote?- United States

The coyote's name is Hector Coyotito. - France

We have three coyotes, one in each classroom, Furry, Fluffy and Present- U.S.

He is a boy and we call him Howly! - Sao Paulo, Brazil

He is a boy and we call him Gary! - Ceara, Brazil